Barbara C. Burt, Psy.D.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist
PSY 23977

619.729.7791 [ph]
619.584.5644 [fax]

Biographical Information

Barbara Burt, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist and trainer who helps individuals with issues related to learning difficulties, anxiety, depression, and various family issues. Trained in EMDR as a method to deal with trauma, she also has had experience working with seniors and with those addressing addictions and chronic pain. Her experience with children, teens, and adults has led her to recognize the need to assist those with ADHD and other problems that limit otherwise bright individuals with success at school and work. Dr. Burt is one of the few psychologists in the San Diego area qualified to offer Cogmed Working Memory Training, an evidence-based intervention for attention and focusing difficulties. Dr. Burt also offers ADHD evaluations that may be useful for school or work-related accommodations.

Education and Training

She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCSD, master’s in marriage, family and child counseling from University of LaVerne, and doctorate in psychology from Southern California Seminary.